Bedding & Straw

We know that good bedding is one of the most important parts to keeping an animal healthy. Millstone Farm & Garden Center carries a variety of bedding types to help best suit your and your animals needs. From various sizes of wood shavings to pellet bedding and straw we have you covered! If you would like to see a sample of the Tops Bedding, Obecs, Mini Flake or even the Pellet Bedding just ask at the counter. Straw is typically stocked all year long for bedding and even decoration needs in the fall.

Your Most Trusted Brands and More

Southern States

Southern States Pellet Bedding offered in a 40# bag


Obec’s Medium Flake Bedding in a 3cf bale which expands to 7cf


Nature’s Mini Flake in a 2.75cf bale that expands to 4.5cf


  • Top’s Green (Fine) Shavings in a 3.25cf bale that expands to 6.5cf
  • Top’s Red (Course) Shavings in a 3.25cf bale that expands to 9.75cf

Straw availability may vary, please call and verify stock